Mephisto Club Tess Gerritson

This is my first Gerritson novel and I was certainly impressed. Television has recently started airing shows with the main characters of Rizzoli and Ives even though their descriptions in the book are quite different – especially the copper. Anyway the crimes are particularly grizzly and seem to be centred around a very wealthy man and his group – hence the name of the book. I challenge you to figure this one out as I did quite early on in the story. This did scream of a little bit of a basic mystery but the story was consistently good and definitely held the attention.

The above mentioned club prides itself on using its money and talents to help the world wide police and security forces in cracking intelligent crimes. They are known to Scotland Yard, Interpol etc. and use these contacts to keep up on the latest information but seem to just get in the way. That is definitely the angle that our heroines are taking. Ives is invited into the group as her skills seem to fill a gap they would like to close but both she and Rizzoli are extremely reticent to comply. She is definitely flattered but then the author of the crimes seems to be targeting her as well. A very decent mystery that will certainly hold your attention. It is way better than the television series and has much more believable characters, especially the seemingly psychotic killer. A good kick back read when you have a few hours to kill and want to make it worth your time.

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