Iron Man 2

The first Iron Man movie was outstanding – I know that only makes you think I am now going to totally slag this one off. It was relatively entertaining but not nearly as good as Part 1. There is action in this movie but not enough. The majority is the main characters putting stuff together or talking about kicking each other’s butts. There is not nearly enough of Ms. Pepper who is played by Gwyneth Paltrow as she was fab in the original. Mickey Rourke plays the ‘bad guy’ and he is actually quite disgusting –as in you want him to go and have a bath and a haircut as well as cut his nails – eewww.

His character is angry with the hero as he believes he is due half the profits from Stark’s company and he is out for revenge. The last scenes or the main knock down and drag out are good but it takes forever getting there. We are once again exposed to the extreme ego of Stark and how he is once again humbled, but is he never going to learn? That question remains to be seen as I am sure there will be Part 3. If they do as good a job in that episode as they did in Oceans 13 after an abysmal Oceans 12 then I am all in but otherwise I will give it wide berth. Advice to the screenwriters – add more Paltrow and less ‘eye candy’ like Scarlett Johannson – I mean really! Make it snappy with some clever lines to keep us parents interested then you’ll have another winner.

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