Writing Jane Austen By Elizabeth Aston

I found this book diabolical. The premise of the story is this: the main character is a writer who has writer’s block. Her agent has found her a new gig – writing the rest of the story from an outline that Ms. Austen had written. What I failed to realize until nearly the end of the book is that it is also a love story; but this is not apparent and also not very well done – in my opinion. The supporting characters, her landlord and his sister, are way more interesting people and they don’t have nearly enough page time. It is slow moving with you almost feeling sorry for our heroine. She spends a huge amount of time hiding from her agent and all others only to be found out in almost slapstick situations.

I don’t really know what else to write about this novel except that I wouldn’t recommend it. The author has written a few other books which I am reticent to even start at the moment as I would be jaded and comparing anything else to this story. Like I said the saving grace is her landlord who is such a nice chap. The writer is an American who lives in London and wants to stay living there for which she has to maintain her employment status and that is where her agent comes in. The agent knows that she hasn’t written a word of her next book and this is her last chance. Not really engaging and I have to say that it wouldn’t have upset me for even a second if she had been sent home. Sorry.

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