The Poisoning in the Pub By Simon Brett

Well I think I have found another author that I can rely on for quick fun mysteries. This one is a ‘feathering mystery’. The stories are set in the town of Feathering. The author also writes two other series which I am going to delve into next. The two amateur detectives in this series are two friends, Jude and Carole, who are also neighbours. One is a ‘faith healer’ and the other a retired civil servant. They frequent their local pub and get together often with a glass of Chardonnay. In this story their local publican, Ted Crisp, may be the focus of a hate campaign. His usually spotless kitchen is under scrutiny for having maybe served seafood that is off. The staff cannot understand what has happened as their procedures have been followed very specifically and yet people are getting sick.

The two ladies decide to stick their noses in and investigate what seems to be sabotage and they find themselves involved in way more dubious circumstances. Add to the mix a past relationship of the publican and Carole which didn’t end badly but reveals a lot about the characters and a vile comedian who has worked with Ted over the years on the stand up circuit. Ted’s business begins to suffer considerably and he starts to become quite despondent, drinking at all hours and not answering phone calls. As this is a mystery you know that someone has to die and that only adds to the turmoil of the entire situation. A little twist at the end but on the whole a relatively predictable but enjoyable book.

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