The Body in the Ivy By Katherine Hall Page

I have read a lot of this author’s work but not for ages. The heroine in her stories is a caterer named Faith Fairchild. Ms. Fairchild is married to a local reverend and she keeps busy with her two kids and her catering business. This story begins 40 years previously at a prestigious girls’ college with a death. What seems to be a suicide could be murder or just an accident. Fast forward to today and several members of the dead girl’s graduating class are invited, under false pretenses, to a get together on a remote island. The author does note the similarities to ‘And Then There Were None’ at the end which made my day. As I was reading this I kept thinking how Christie-esque it was.

Anyway, the ladies haven’t seen each other since the day they graduated and upon finding out they were bamboozled are quite furious. They demand to go home but cannot leave for another 24 hours due to no ferries being available. We jump back and forth in time to get more of a picture of their lives while in college and find out the true personalities behind the now grown and mostly successful women. As you can imagine there is a murder whilst they are on the island and now Faith finds herself in the middle of a mystery. All the characters behave as if they have something to hide which in fact some actually do but the mysterious hostess may have the most to reveal. Great reading Ms. Page again – will have to catch up with some of the books I have missed.

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