Hawke By Ted Bell

This is a good international spy/intrigue story. It is the first novel by Ted Bell in the series introducing Alex Hawke. This is the story of where he came from, how he came to be orphaned and how he uses his powers (translated wealth) for good and not evil. Alex is your all round good guy. This stuff is what movies are made of; in fact, I’m surprised it hasn’t already been made into a movie. Maybe the author won’t allow it – but I can’t think why not. (Maybe it already has and I am ignorant.) Anyway this story begins in the Caribbean where young Alex is subjected to a horrific crime and he becomes so traumatized that he has very little memory of any of the events. The only side effects are nightmares which he cannot understand. He is raised by the family’s kind valet/butler whom he loves unconditionally.

Throughout the book we meet various characters from all over the globe who are either friends and comrades of Hawke or ‘the enemy’. The bad guys are quite revolting, stopping at nothing to accomplish their ends and the good guys are fabulous. I know, completely unrealistic but so much fun. Hawke is joined by an American who is completely loyal and tough as nails. He goes to the ends of the earth for Alex and the feeling is mutual. They make a great team. I will definitely be checking out the other books in this series as they are fast, easy to read, and intelligent action tales.

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