Blue Murder

So browsing around the library in the DVD section one Friday I happened upon this series. Because it is an English detective/drama I was drawn to it, I admit, but it is fantabulous! Basic premise of this murder mystery series is our copper, Detective Chief Inspector Janine Lewis has three kids at home, finds out her husband is messing around on her (yes that is what I mean), and major crime is not stopping in Manchester. Her cell phone rings at the most unfortunate times to request her presence at the scene of some awful crime, oh and she is also pregnant. The first series is a good start to building up her character, what her home life is like – generally quite supportive in spite of the break up in the household – and her work colleagues.

The crimes are quite gritty and one wouldn’t expect anything different from a city like Manchester. She has an unrealistic boss who is always threatening to turn her cases over to another inspector; one who isn’t a woman let alone a mother. The old standard is alive and well in the force that’s for sure. She is tough and smart – two of the greatest qualities for a policeman. The producers even throw in a touch of humour – for instance checking out her stuff at her local supermarket she is having an intense conversation about the details of a crime and the responses of the other customers is quite funny. She talks about post mortems and forensics like it is an everyday topic. There is even an episode where she has to deal with her teenage son going a little off the rails. If she weren’t dealing with heinous crime, she could be you or I.

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