Alice in Wonderland

I know this is the version by the worshipped Tim Burton with his wife/live-in, the amazing Helene Bonham Carter but I didn’t really like it. First of all it is really quite dark – I know what you’re thinking – it is Burton and of course Danny Elfman providing the soundtrack, but this is the beloved children’s tale by Lewis Carroll! I liked that he introduced Alice as a young lady instead of the usual child and that she had some chutzpah. She didn’t like that others were decided what her life should be like and what decisions she should make and was having a hard time knowing how to get out of situations.

At the time women were almost considered chattel and therefore a thinking girl was not appreciated. What I didn’t like was the lack of storyline; it was quite basic and took one heck of a long time getting there. The animation and look of the film was amazing, that is for sure, but not enough to keep me entranced. Johnny Depp played the Mad Hatter and at times I felt like he was on valium. Even the cartoon version has him played with more vim and vigour. What happened? There were many character actors throughout the movie playing either minor roles or voices of animals/flowers and highlights include the smoking caterpillar and the Cheshire cat – at least they were interesting. Anne Hathaway plays the Red Queen’s sister in a light and airy sort of way. Otherwise translated – boring.

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