The Paris Vendetta By Steve Berry

The Paris Vendetta is an insanely long book considering the ultimate premise of the story. We have ex company men from the CIA , current CIA, multiple billionaires (but of course), and naturally bad guys. I grew up with Bond, men from UNCLE etc. etc. and this take over the world stuff does interest me, I just didn’t get into this book as much as I thought I would. I am not a huge conspiracy theory kind of gal so maybe I’m not the best person to review this but it was written in a way that made you want to sit up and finish regardless of what else is going on in your life – I suppose that’s a good thing.

We travel from Denmark to Paris and meanwhile get a whole history lesson about Napoleon. I had no idea he was so popular in France, and maybe his isn’t and that is all fiction but he was born Corsican and those people apparently can’t stand him. There are many theories about treasure he hid away that has never been found and that is another one of the story lines of this book. The details are sometimes a little too precise and I was ready for the action to begin again but I definitely learned a lot.

The main storyline surrounds a group of people who want to control the money in the world by controlling the markets and they form a club. Buy in to this club is in the multi millions – so only mega rich bad guys need apply. No, seriously it is a fast moving book with all the workings of a relatively good thriller. I will read others Steve Berry has written as he bases a lot of his information on fact. If you’re looking for a fast paced conspiracy thriller then this is definitely for you.

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