Maybe Baby?

Maybe Baby boasts a stellar cast of veteran British actors including Hugh Laurie and Joely Richardson as Sam and Lucy in the lead roles. The basic premise is about a married couple who are trying to get pregnant and come to the conclusion that they are infertile. Doesn’t that sound funny? Not really but it is quite hilarious in parts. Rowan Atkinson plays the Ob/Gyn and brilliantly as you can imagine. There are times he doesn’t even speak and you are laughing. His facial expressions have always been great.

We start the movie at the BBC where our hero is a producer and he is in a meeting where his boss is trying to motivate the staff to thinking outside the box for new shows. Sam has been trying to write his own screenplay for ages and is just blocked as to what to write. He doesn’t like his job anymore and his boss is somewhat of an idiot. You’ll see – Macfadyan plays him perfectly. Anyway, back at home Lucy writes all her feelings down in her diary and she is frustrated at not being able to get pregnant and upset that Sam isn’t as concerned as she is about the whole situation. She wonders why he doesn’t write his feelings down and why he doesn’t write what he is passionate about. Lucy works for an agent who represents several actors. The agent is played by Joanna Lumley who is caustic and harsh and exactly as you’d expect an agent to behave. A couple of different story lines ensue and all come to a head in a bittersweet ending. The cast is backed up by Matthew Macfadyan, Tom Hollander and Emma Thompson to name a few. Love these guys!

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