The White Lioness | by Henning Mankell

Ok so this is another Wallander novel, which you know I love, but this one is a little different as there is an international connection. The story begins with a real estate agent going about her business but disappearing one evening to the chagrin of her husband who is convinced foul play is at hand. This is in the days before mobile phones and GPS tracking so her last communication seems to be with a shop keeper at a bakery. Their family is quite devout and attend church regularly which doesn’t sit well with Wallander who believes in nothing at this time. Her past is called into question which is inevitable but frustrating for her family and friends.

The police do their best to locate her but through circumstances only a writer could invent the story unravels as well as thickens simultaneously. We meet many unsavoury characters along the way as well as victims of apartheid. Yes, that means we get to travel to South Africa in this book. If you are unaware of the injustice that had gone on for many generations in this part of the world this isn’t a bad place to start reading about it. Mankell does a great job describing the subservience of the people and their inner rage and contempt for those around them. A great, fast moving read that will anger you as well as entice you. Conspiracy and terrorism are fascinating topics for any time and Wallander tries to fight the unknown from afar hence his sense of futility and depression made apparent in this story.

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  1. My fave book review site!!!! I will be round next week with 3 Jo Nesbo novels for you. FAB and right up your alley! I am on my way to purchase the third right now. Karen.

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