Before the Frost By Mankell Henning

For fans of Kurt Wallander mysteries this is definitely a keeper. His daughter Linda has now become a police officer and she is drawn into a case that is way too close to home. This book does some exploring of juvenile female friendships that have matured, which is interesting, as well as the secrets that are sometimes kept hidden from those closest to us. Wallander himself still has a prominent role in this book which is great as he is familiar territory to those who are used to reading Henning’s books. A religious sect and its leader are the centre of this story and their goal is to cleanse the world via some extreme and gruesome measures. One of Linda’s friends seems to have disappeared and the cases may be connected. The author is very frank with Linda’s character; she is a combination of her two parents and not always in a positive way. In this book she is beginning to see how she resembles her father and how she deals with people as well as stress.